All about EIS Ltd.


Our aim is promote high standards of safety wherever plant, machinery and equipment are being used. We are willing to share our specialist knowledge to increase the benefits provided by engineering inspection solutions and to promote the value of regular inspection within industry at regional and national level. We have a determination to provide clarity of reporting, ensuring adequate notification of due date whilst giving a comprehensive and a sensibly priced service. We will always take pride in being an essential service provider to all of our clients.

Caterpillar Testing

As an independent inspection company you can be guaranteed an impartial service as EIS Ltd is not a distributor or sales agency for equipment.

We have over 30 years worth of experience in the field of inspection and testing. Gained in varying industries such as the china clay industry, working with a leading insurance group as a Lift/Crane/Playground surveyor and a short period with a local engineering services company.

EIS aim is to:

  • Dovetail the examinations / inspections / tests into your work schedules
  • Minimise disruption whilst maintaining commitment to safety.

EIS operate bespoke software:

We run bespoke software to help meet your inspection needs. Consequently EIS provides you with the paperwork necessary to be compliant with the various legal requirements, be it copies in the office or the vehicle and even additional copies for ISO.