Dear Customer.
On Tuesday 31st March 2020, EIS Ltd, will be bidding farewell to it’s founder, Jerry Jackson, as Director of the company. His colleague of 3 years, Dave Stanton will be taking-over at the helm with his wife Sarah.

We are very pleased to say, Jerry has agreed to remain part of the EIS family and will continue to work with us, on a part-time basis. There will be no noticeable difference to our customers and you will still be seeing Jerry’s cheery self and out-and-about, as per usual.

We will continue to deliver the same professional standards and high levels of customer service, you have come to expect from EIS Ltd. On behalf of Jerry, Sarah and myself; we look forward to continuing to work with you and to seeing you all soon.

Kind Regards,
Dave Stanton.
Engineering Surveyor.
EIS Ltd.